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run multiple rake tasks simultaneously

Here’s a quick and simple tip for using threads and Rakefiles: task :one do puts "start one" sleep 10 * rand puts "one done" end   task :two do puts "start two" sleep 10 * rand puts "two done" end   task :three do puts "start three" sleep 10 * rand puts "three done" end [...]
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a simple script to organize downloads

Description Organize all files in a given folder by date. This is commonly used to organize a “Downloads” folder. Currently this script will only move files more than 24 hours old. This is to protect against moving a file as it is downloaded. Motivation I love SafariStand. One of the features that I love is [...]
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use Quick Look as a Firefox application handler

I really dislike getting screen-shots in the format of power-point files. Thankfully, 10.5′s Quick Look can help me preview power-point files. What I needed was a way to have Firefox automatically Quick Look all power-point files that I downloaded. Here’s how to do it: Open up Script Editor and paste this: on open filelist repeat [...]
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