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tweet twitter util – cli feedback on tweet length

One of the nice things about the Twitter web-interface is that it gives you feedback on the number of characters you’ve typed so far. Since I use the command-line twitter gem (by John Nunemaker) I miss out on this feature and find myself using echo and wc to make sure I’m not over the limit. [...]
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cp a symlink to multiple directories

Today I wanted to copy a symlink to many different directories. So I tried the following: for f in `find . -regex ''.*cp.*snippets''` ; do cp bbb.html $f/ ; done Which returned: cp: cannot stat `bbb.html': No such file or directory bbb.html is a symlink and the default behavior of cp (I think) is to [...]
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fixing do_mysql hanging or install problems on mac os x

Just a quick tip: If you’re having trouble getting do_mysql to install on Mac OS X. Try the following: $ locate mysql_config /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config The directory /usr/local/mysql above is your mysql directory. Then try to install do_mysql with the following command (split for readability): $ gem install do_mysql -- \ --with-mysql-dir="/usr/local/mysql/" \ --with-mysql-config="/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config" This solution was [...]
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