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fixing the disabled snapshot button in vmware fusion

I recently created a new CentOS 5 vmware image. Unfortunately the “Take Snapshot” button was disabled while the system was running. After searching around I found this post. What you need to do is open up your vmx file and comment out (disable) the following line: scsi0:0.mode = "independent-persistent" Others have also reported finding the [...]
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automate installing tripwire using expect

tripwire is a handy part of an intrusion detection system. It’s a nice piece of software but the installer is interactive which makes it a pain to install automatically (e.g. when using PoolParty/EC2). Below is a simple expect script I whipped up to solve the make install problem. Hopefully this will save someone two or [...]
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adding macruby to multiruby versions

Modified from Rob Seaman’s post. multiruby is a great way to make sure your ruby code runs on the multitude of ruby versions (it’s part of ZenTest). It doesn’t install macruby by default. Here are instructions on how to set it up. Since I installed macruby from the package installer my macruby files are in [...]
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