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install enchant dictionaries

I had a bit of a hard time getting enchant installed with dictionaries on Mac OS X. Here’s how to do it: sudo port install enchant # you'll need MacPorts 1.8.* for this Then download the dictionaries from the OpenOffice wiki. Next, place the files in ~/.enchant like so: $ tree .enchant/ .enchant/ `-- myspell [...]
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fixing the disabled snapshot button in vmware fusion

I recently created a new CentOS 5 vmware image. Unfortunately the “Take Snapshot” button was disabled while the system was running. After searching around I found this post. What you need to do is open up your vmx file and comment out (disable) the following line: scsi0:0.mode = "independent-persistent" Others have also reported finding the [...]
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sake task for remote git repo init

sake advantages sake is a tool for system-wide rake tasks. It was created by Chris Wanstrath and is now maintained by postmodern. It provides a handy way to distribute generally-useful rake tasks. The advantage of sake over, say, a script in ~/bin is that 1) you have a predictable interface and 2) its easy to [...]
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