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install enchant dictionaries

I had a bit of a hard time getting enchant installed with dictionaries on Mac OS X. Here’s how to do it: sudo port install enchant # you'll need MacPorts 1.8.* for this Then download the dictionaries from the OpenOffice wiki. Next, place the files in ~/.enchant like so: $ tree .enchant/ .enchant/ `-- myspell [...]
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tweet twitter util – cli feedback on tweet length

One of the nice things about the Twitter web-interface is that it gives you feedback on the number of characters you’ve typed so far. Since I use the command-line twitter gem (by John Nunemaker) I miss out on this feature and find myself using echo and wc to make sure I’m not over the limit. [...]
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use Quick Look as a Firefox application handler

I really dislike getting screen-shots in the format of power-point files. Thankfully, 10.5′s Quick Look can help me preview power-point files. What I needed was a way to have Firefox automatically Quick Look all power-point files that I downloaded. Here’s how to do it: Open up Script Editor and paste this: on open filelist repeat [...]
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