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Why Do Cells Have DNA?

In order for a system to reproduce itself, it seems necessary for it to hold an encoded form of itself somehow. This idea, and the inevitability of the existence of DNA-like structures within living cells, is well-illustrated using computer code.
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run multiple rake tasks simultaneously

Here’s a quick and simple tip for using threads and Rakefiles: task :one do puts "start one" sleep 10 * rand puts "one done" end   task :two do puts "start two" sleep 10 * rand puts "two done" end   task :three do puts "start three" sleep 10 * rand puts "three done" end [...]
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Slides from Apriori.rb LA Ruby Presentation

Last night I gave a talk on my new gem Apriori.rb at the LA Ruby Meetup. Here are the slides from that presentation. Coby Randquist from Confreaks recorded the talk on his MacBookPro. I’ll see if I can get a copy and post it up here in the next couple of weeks. Apriori.rb – LA [...]
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