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adding macruby to multiruby versions

Modified from Rob Seaman’s post. multiruby is a great way to make sure your ruby code runs on the multitude of ruby versions (it’s part of ZenTest). It doesn’t install macruby by default. Here are instructions on how to set it up. Since I installed macruby from the package installer my macruby files are in [...]
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tweet twitter util – cli feedback on tweet length

One of the nice things about the Twitter web-interface is that it gives you feedback on the number of characters you’ve typed so far. Since I use the command-line twitter gem (by John Nunemaker) I miss out on this feature and find myself using echo and wc to make sure I’m not over the limit. [...]
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what does this return? or ‘why i love ruby’

def x 5 end   if false x = 3 end   puts x # => ?
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