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ActiveRecord from_json and from_xml

(Edited 2 Sept 2011: Please see instead the updated post here: ActiveRecord from_xml (and from_json) part 2.) Unless I’m missing something, the default rails from_json and from_xml methods don’t work with data that have associated objects. Here are routines that work for some simple examples I’ve tested. I placed this code in vendor/rails/activerecord/lib/active_record/base.rb within the [...]
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RailsConf08: Passenger or mod_rails RIP

There was no lack of hubris on the stage today as the guys from Phusion talked about their new Apache extension Passenger. If Passenger lives up to its claims it seems that it could quickly become the de-facto standard for deploying Rails (and more) applications. The 19 22-year-old duo was obviously ecstatic about sharing about [...]
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RailsConf08: Testing and Contributing to Open-Source

Yesterday afternoon I attended a lecture and workshop on how to contribute to open-source projects and associated testing tools. I want to briefly share with you some of the tools and philosophies. rcov rcov. rcov is a code coverage tool for Ruby. The idea is that you run it on your tests. Lines that get [...]
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