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Bitcoin 2014 Amsterdam – Day Two Notes

Sessions covered: Future of Bitcoin in China – Bobby Lee Panel: Economic Theory of Bitcoin Panel Developer Q&A Panel: Secure Coins: Building Trust in the Digital Economy Mike Hearn – Taking Bitcoin development to the next level Alan Reiner (Armory Technologies Inc) – Best Practices in Securing Bitcoin Future of Bitcoin in China – Bobby [...]
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Bitcoin 2014 Amsterdam – Day One Notes

Today I attended Bitcoin 2014 in Amsterdam. Below are my notes from the sessions I attended. While I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible, the text below is not verbatim. Bitcoin: Crossing the Chasm – Jeremy Allaire, Circle Founder & CEO Everyone feels like we’re on the cusp of something big but there’s a [...]
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Task Labor: Every Worker a Small Business

Fifty pounds of grass-fed beef sat thawing, forty miles away Some friends and I had ordered a quarter of a cow and it was delivered to their house on a Friday afternoon. “You’d better come pick up this meat,” my friend said, “it won’t fit in our freezer.” Driving for hours was not how I’d [...]
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