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“Easily” setup a monitored Hadoop / Hive Cluster in EC2 with PoolParty

Summary Setting up a scalable Hadoop cluster isn’t easy, but PoolParty makes it easier and manageable. By the time we’re done with this tutorial you’ll have a Hadoop cluster consisting of one master node and two slaves. The slaves are formatted with HDFS and process MapReduce jobs that are delegated to them from the master. [...]
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PoolParty s3fs Plugin

Goal A new plugin install and mount s3fs volume on an instance using PoolParty. Getting it git clone git:// Usage NOTICE You must have already created your S3 bucket. This plugin will not create it for you. cloud(:app) ... s3fs(:bucket => "my-fun-bucket") ... end This will be mounted at /mnt/my-fun-bucket You can mount multiple buckets [...]
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PoolParty MRTG Plugin

I’ve created a PoolParty plugin that makes it dead-simple to install
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