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How to Sell a Chicken Suit

A Lesson in Finding Your Market An acquantance of mine manages a magic store in New Jersey. The store bought a few chicken suits and put them in their store at the mall. They were priced at $60 and they never sold a single one. Months later, the magic store expanded and they opened a [...]
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I’ve Joined the IFTTT Team

You may have noticed that this blog has been very quiet for the past few months. That’s because at the beginning of this year I joined IFTTT. One of the things I love about IFTTT is that we’re giving regular people the power to use computers in the same way programmers do. We’ve got an [...]
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Asynchronous Function Decorators

Introduction tl;dr Function decorators are a pattern for extracting reusable “ideas” from your code. This document describes how to write a bookend (“before-and-after”) decorator in CoffeeScript that works with callbacks (instead of return values). Let’s say that you have a critical section of code and you want to use a mutex to lock the code. [...]
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