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Task Labor: Every Worker a Small Business

Fifty pounds of grass-fed beef sat thawing, forty miles away Some friends and I had ordered a quarter of a cow and it was delivered to their house on a Friday afternoon. “You’d better come pick up this meat,” my friend said, “it won’t fit in our freezer.” Driving for hours was not how I’d [...]
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Growth Hackers Conference 2013 Notes

  Yesterday I attended the 2013 Growth Hackers Conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Below are my notes, typos and all. There are more than a few gems to be found below. If you’re short of time, I particularly recommend the first and last talks. James Currier – Ooga Labs – Your [...]
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Pebble Watchface: Fireflies

I recently received my Pebble watch and I’ve created a couple of watchfaces for it. The one I want to share with you today is a study in swarming behavior: Fireflies Click to see animation Download v1.0 here You can join the conversation in the Pebble Watchapp Directory and, if you’re interested, I’ve released the [...]
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