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Whatsmyip from the Command Line

Nice little one liner to obtain your WAN IP address.   curl ; echo Then alias that badboy E.g.:   alias whatsmyip='curl ; echo' Happy day.
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cp a symlink to multiple directories

Today I wanted to copy a symlink to many different directories. So I tried the following: for f in `find . -regex ''.*cp.*snippets''` ; do cp bbb.html $f/ ; done Which returned: cp: cannot stat `bbb.html': No such file or directory bbb.html is a symlink and the default behavior of cp (I think) is to [...]
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Repairing your MySQL database

Today one of our computer’s /usr partition filled up and caused data corruption in the database. After space was freed up on the partition, we (Moises and I) ran some commands to repair the database. Here is what we did: cd into your directory where your db files are stored. In our case it was [...]
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