How to Sell a Chicken Suit

A Lesson in Finding Your Market

An acquantance of mine manages a magic store in New Jersey. The store bought a few chicken suits and put them in their store at the mall. They were priced at $60 and they never sold a single one.

Months later, the magic store expanded and they opened a second store – inside a casino.

They brought some of the chicken suits over to the new store. In the casino store, the chicken suits were so popular they could barely keep them on the shelves.

People would come in drunk, ready to party, or they had lost a bet and they were in the mood to buy a chicken suit. The store has since doubled their price to $125 and they still sell out of them.

It turns out, people who are drunk are far more likely to buy a chicken suit than those who are sober and window-shopping at the mall.

Lesson: if you have a chicken suit and it isn’t selling, maybe you aren’t pitching it to the right audience.

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