Interval – a ruby library for musical interval arithmetic


interval is a tiny library that provides simple musical note pitch and interval arithmetic. It is intended to do one thing: given a pitch add (or subtract) an interval and give the resulting pitch.


p = Interval::Pitch.from_string("c")
i = Interval::Interval.from_string("M3")
p2 = p + i
p2.to_short_name # => "e"
i.to_s # => "Major Third"
i2 = Interval::Interval.from_string("p5")
i2.to_s # => "Perfect Fifth"
(p2 - i2).to_s # => "a"

Interval Quiz

interval was written primarily for learning intervals. interval-quiz is a gem that depends on interval that provides a command-line quiz. Here’s the output of an interval-quiz session:

$ interval-quiz 
Here are the intervals:
unison  p1        a1 
second  m2 M2  d2 a2
third   m3 M3  d3 a3 
fourth  p4     d4 a4
fifth   d5 p5  d5 a5
sixth   m6 M6  d6 a6
seventh m7 M7  d7 a7
octave  p8     d8
enter the intervals you want (or a blank line to quit):

["M3", "p5"]
1. above
2. below
3. both
do you want to be quizzed on intervals above, below, or both?  3
what is a major third below f# ? d
what is a major third above g# 1/1 (100%)? b#
what is a major third below b 2/2 (100%)? g
what is a perfect fifth below eb 3/3 (100%)? a
wrong. the answer is ab
what is a perfect fifth below c# 3/4 (75%)? d
wrong. the answer is f#


gem install interval interval-quiz


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