ruby inject and category breadcrumbs

In addition to mapping out the Mandelbrot set, ruby’s inject method can also be used to easily find and/or create nested categories given a breadcrumb path.

Assuming Category is a Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord class that acts_as_tree, and breadcrumbs is an array of breadcrumb strings, e.g. breadcrumbs = ['Widgets', 'Green Widgets', '14V Widgets'] :

def find_or_create_category( breadcrumbs )
  id = breadcrumbs.inject(nil) { |pid,name| Category.
     find_or_create_by_parent_id_and_name(pid,name).id }
  id && Category.find(id)

The final “id && Category.find(id)” is to have the function return nil in case breadcrumbs is empty.

This returns the final Category object if it exists, and creates any or all components of the path as needed.

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